The List

So, lots of people have one of those lists. The list where you write out everything you wish to do at some point. It’s not an uncommon thing, these lists. It’s one of those things people have, just most of them carry it around in their heads. I’m no good at remembering, so I wrote it out. It was a pretty long list, and I keep adding to it. As I cross something off there will be probably be a post, fun times!

Done – 63/124. Yeah! 61 left.

The List.

  1. Done! Feed Stingrays by hand
  2. Done! Learn to Kitesurf
  3. Done! Learn and play a song with bar chords on my guitar
  4. Done! Get Singing Lessons
  5. Done! Move to London
  6. – Learn sign language and volunteer somewhere that requires me to use it
  7. Done! Make a successful chicken roast
  8. Done! Get a tattoo
  9. – Ride the snow in Europe. Specifically: France (Jan 2011), Italy (Mar 2012), Switzerland, and Austria (Apr 2012).
  10. – See the Auroras in person, with my own eyes
  11. Done! Own a house
  12. Done! Make (a GOOD) Pumpkin Soup from scratch
  13. Done! Ride/Swim with an Elephant
  14. Done! Have a child/Have children/li>
  15. Done! Go to a Music Festival in Europe. One of those ones where you have to wear gumboots.
  16. Done! Visit the Greek Islands
  17. Done! Learn how to ride a horse (and actually have it do as I ask)
  18. – Shoot + Make a brilliant snow video with sound and clever effects
  19. – Meet five of my blog friends, in real life, in their city (2/5. Awmbr + Des)
  20. Done! Complete the 365 Project
  21. – Build/Design my own House from the ground up
  22. – See the snow monkeys
  23. – Volunteer to help in a 3rd World Country
  24. – Learn to ride a motorbike
  25. – Swim with whales/dolphins
  26. – Hug a koala bear
  27. Done! Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
  28. – Ride at every one of Transworld Snowboardings Top 10 Snowboarding Resorts of North America (2009) [Whistler/Blackcomb (2004), Mammoth Mountain/California, Northstar-At-Tahoe/California, Buttermilk/Colorado, Bear Mountain/California, Snowmass/Colorado, Breckenridge/Colorado, Park City/Utah, Keystone/Colorado Vail/Colorado (2004)
  29. Done! Make Pierogi from scratch
  30. Done! Ride a bike around the base of the Eiffel Tower.
  31. Done! Rock an African Safari
  32. – Walk on a frozen body of water
  33. Done! Change a flat tire.
  34. – See the Grand Canyon.
  35. – Fly first class.
  36. Done! Complete a Guitar-Hero song on Expert
  37. Done! Get my Full License
  38. Done! See the Pyramids (Egyptian (2011) and Aztec)
  39. – Visit all seven continents of the world (North America (2001), South America, Antarctica, Africa (2013), Europe (2010), Asia (2014), Australia (1988))
  40. Done! Be happily married at some point
  41. – Get naked on a nude beach
  42. – Make a quilt. All by myself.
  43. Done! Sign myself up to a Stem Cell Donation register.
  44. Done! Cut off all my hair and be brave, and get a pixie cut
  45. Done! Ride in a helicopter
  46. – Figure out how to use my DSLR using the Manual Setting
  47. Done! Take recreational culinary classes
  48. – Walk along the Great Wall of China
  49. Done! Finish Crocheting my red scarf
  50. – Join the Mile High Club
  51. – Ride in a hot air balloon
  52. Done! Drive a convertible with the top down
  53. – Visit the Amazon
  54. – See the giant turtles at The Galapagos Islands
  55. – Climb Ayers Rock (Australia)
  56. – See the statues at Easter Island
  57. – Dive in a submarine
  58. Done! See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  59. Done! Visit the Vatican City
  60. – Visit the Taj Mahal
  61. Done! Pay off my student loan
  62. Done! Attend a red carpet event (and walk the red carpet)
  63. – (Graffiti) Bomb a wall
  64. Done! Walk on a glacier
  65. Done! Wander the halls of the Louvre
  66. Done! Plant a tree.
  67. – Milk a cow
  68. Done! Visit Stonehenge
  69. – Learn how to surf
  70. – Participate in La Tomatina
  71. – Create a meal from vegetables I’ve grown in a veggie garden
  72. Done! Pat a Tiger
  73. – Go on a cruise
  74. Done! Take a trapeze class
  75. Done! Attempt to make cheese
  76. – Try a deep-dish pizza in Chicago
  77. – Do a road trip from Auckland to Dunedin
  78. – See Polar Bears in the wild (Churchill, Manitoba?)
  79. Done!Legitimately Yell ‘Bingo!’ in a Bingo Hall
  80. – Experience Zero Gravity
  81. – Sand board in the Desert
  82. Done! Ride in a Zorb down a hill
  83. – Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  84. Done! Help a stranger
  85. Done! Ride in a gondola down the canals in Venice
  86. – Visit the Serengeti
  87. Done! Sail a yacht
  88. Done! Have $10k in my savings account
  89. Done! See a Shakespeare Play at the Globe Theatre
  90. Done! Visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam
  91. – Kayak around the Lagoons in the Bahamas
  92. – Learn from a Silversmith and make something lovely
  93. – Prepare and host a 5-course dinner
  94. Done! Grow Strawberries
  95. Done! See the Nutcracker
  96. Done! Go dog sledding
  97. – Mail 100 hand written letters
  98. – Ride the ‘original’ Orient Express route.
  99. –  Witness a solar eclipse
  100. – Ride the snow in Japan
  101. – Crochet a Granny Squares Blanket
  102. Done! Be able to run 5k in one go, without stopping.
  103. – Make 1,000 origami swans
  104. – Do a jig in front of 10 recognisible landmarks. (7/10 – Sky Tower, Auckland. Colosseum, Rome. Big Ben, London. Stonehenge, Salisbury. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. The Great Pyramids, Gisa. The Eiffel Tower)
  105. – Ride the Mechanical Elephant around Nantes, France.
  106. – Drive a tank.
  107. Done! Visit the Giant’s Causeway
  108. Done! Go Paragliding
  109. – Add to San Luis Obispo’s Bubblegum Alley.
  110. – Visit the Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)
  111. – Visit the Parthenon (Athens)
  112. Done! See 10 of Invaders pieces in person.
  113. Done! Make jam
  114. Done! See Monet’s Water Lillies in person.
  115. – Make Chocolate Frogs
  116. – Stay at Giraffe Manor
  117. Done! Jumping shot with the Laputa Robot at the Ghibli Museum (Mikata, Tokyo)
  118. Done! Ride a camel.
  119. – Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral (Russia)
  120. – Foster a child.
  121. Done! Make a clear note come out of a sax.
  122. Done! Enjoy High Tea in London.
  123. – Swim with turtles (ideally in Akumal, Mexico)
  124. Done! Climb Kilimanjaro

If I complete something on my list, it will no doubt get a post. 🙂


2: Learn to Kitesurf

5: Move to London

7: Make a successful chicken roast

8: Get a Tattoo

15: Go to a Music Festival in Europe. One of those ones where you have to wear gumboots.

16: Visit the Greek Islands

16: Learn to Ride a Horse (and actually have it do as I ask)

20: Complete the 365 Project

29: Done! Make Pierogi from scratch

31: Rock an African Safari

33: Change a flat tyre

36: Complete a Guitar-Hero song on Expert

37: Get my full license

45: Fly a Helicopter

49: Finish the Red Scarf

61: Pay off my student loan

65 Wander the halls of the Lourve

66: Plant a Tree

68: Visit Stonehenge

72: Pat a Tiger

74: Take a Trapeze Class

75: Attempt to Make Cheese

82: Ride a Zorb Down a Hill

89: See a Shakespeare Play at the Globe Theatre

94: Grow Strawberries

95: See the Nutcracker

96: Go dog sledding

102: Run 5k Without Stopping

112: See 10 of Invaders pieces in person

107: Visit the Giants Causeway

113: Make Jam

114: See Monet’s Water Lillies

117: Jumping shot with the Laputa Robot at the Ghibli Museum.

118: Ride a Camel