Rarg (a phrase smushed together with the constant use of Mutant Enemy’s ‘grr arg’) is the personal keepings of Elly. It comprises mostly of ramblings, thoughts and is a place to store noted of things interest, things of disinterest and some of the old content kept for historical purposes.

Elly is a UX/UI Designer, a kiwi who lives in London. She has a thing for pretty sneakers, loves Milo, and spends a fair chunk of her time travelling, or planning to travel. She is not interested in unnecessary drama, office politics, or jokes at the expense of other people. She also dislikes onions, falling (not to be confused with heights) and tickles, but adores cheesy rom coms, snuggling and tacos.

She is dyslexic, has brown eyes and prefers vanilla icecream over chocolate. Last year she climbed Kilimanjaro. The year before, she climbed the Pyramids of Gisa (even though you’re not meant to). True Story.

If you want to know anything more, you’ll just have to ask her.

Cool? Cool.