The List: Number 37 – Get my Full License

By 29th October 2010Uncategorised

It took me absolutely forever, but I’ve done it. I’ve finally joined the ranks of those able to drive during the hours of 10pm – 6am, and to take passengers.

Truthfully, though, it never stopped me before, and I never once got a ticket for it. Still, I’m stoked, check it! License Class Held: 1F!

In a slightly amusing side story, a few months ago I was playing Sober Driver to The Second + Fourth Quarters and the brilliant Lucas. I got pulled over as you do when you’re coming from town with a bucketload of people in your car at 4 in the morning (Sidenote: as The Second Quarter was sitting in the passenger side with his full license, I was allowed to drive with passengers). Anyway, I wasn’t speeding, and I wasn’t sure why the policeman had pulled me over. I asked if it was because I was ‘wobbly’. It wasn’t, it was just so I could do a breath test to make sure I was sober enough to drive.

Well, The Second Quarter mocked me the whole drive home after that. BUT! When I took the driving test for my full, the License Lady told me that it was likely that no one had ever told me this before, but that I drove a little ‘wobbly’. She used that EXACT WORD! Ever since I’ve been trying to drive a little less wobbly.

Anyway. Number 37 on The List: Get my Full License. Done. Woo, yeah!

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