The List: Number 113 – Make Jam

By 24th June 2011Uncategorised

It’s Raspberry Season in Wearne. Which means meandering through the garden and picking the sweet berries as you go. It means pink fingertips and seeds between teeth. It means raspberry and apple crumbles and it means sweet little mouthfuls of goodness. I didn’t know that spring would be as sweet as this.

It also meant that I could make Jam! Something I’d been meaning to do for ages, but never had the chance. So out I went in my pair of gummies, and I spent half an hour in the garden picking and eating raspberries. Making jam is very, very simple. Ridiculously simple. You take a tablespoon of water, one part berries, and an equal part of jam sugar and put them all in a pot. And then you heat it, and leave it. Literally as easy as that.

When you scoop out a bit onto a room temperature plate and you can turn the plate upside down without the jam moving, it’s officially jam! Good for putting in a jar + eating.

Yay! Number 113, done!

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