The List: Number 36 – Complete a Guitar-Hero song on Expert

By 1st November 2012Uncategorised

When I wrote out The List, way way back in 2009, it came about (if I’m honest) because I was heartbroken. I’d just been broken up with by the boy who I was sure was the love of my life. The One, with the big capital O. We weren’t perfect, but I’d committed myself and I was two feet, all in. When it all fell apart I used The List with all it’s things I could do to remind me how to live. Things that *I* could do that would be worth experiencing.

To prove that it didn’t have to be as serious as it sounds, I put some ridiculous things on the list. Stuff like yelling out ‘Bingo!’ in a Bingo hall or make chocolate frogs. I also put complete a guitar hero song on expert on there. This is a throw back to that boy. We used to play guitar hero, it was one of those things that wove itself in and out of our relationship as we were establishing ourselves and I can’t play now and not think back to him.

Back then it bugged me that he was better than I was, and that he could get five stars on expert. Which is why it went on The List, I suspect. Now? Now I have a ps3, and a host of games, and it doesn’t bug me. I’ve moved on, hallelujah! I still did it, out of reverence to The List, but I didn’t go all out. Bon Jovi, Livin’ on a Prayer, the first and easiest track on Guitar Hero: World Tour. On expert. Five Stars.

Number 36. Done.

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