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September 2012

The List: Number 82 – Ride in a Zorb down a hill

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My cousin Morf for my birthday said that he’d help me cross something off The List, and zorbing was it. He, Bunny + I drove the hour out to Dorchester in Dorset while we were in Sommerset to do it. And woah buddy. It. Was. BRILLIANT!

Me + Bunny did the harnessed version first. They strap you in, and you go head over heels over and over and round and round down a hill. Takes about 20 seconds to get down, and woah buddy. There was no screaming. No, instead there was maniacal giggling. Uncontrollable giggles and delight and it was brilliant.

The second trip down we did the hydro version. They threw a bucket of (warm, thankfully) water in, and the three of us, unstrapped, rolled down the hill. I definitely preferred this version. Rolling over each other, down the hill, more maniacal giggling. It was brilliant! It was less brilliant when we had to get out and the wind chilled our wet selves to the bone. Still, I had a great time!

The staff were super awesome (shout out to Kyle + Guy who were hilarious). The set up was low key, but amusing. You wait at the bottom of the hill, and they drive you up when they pick up the Zorbs (these ones were all stamped ‘Made in New Zealand’. Because rolling down the hill in a giant hamster ball is something only a kiwi would invent), you jump in and they push you off. Fun times.

So yes, Number 82, Done!